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My Bookshelf

Check out some of my favorite books on business, leadership, and achieving excellence to help build your skills and deepen your knowledge.

*If you find any of these intriguing clicking on the book cover below will take you to Amazon to buy.  And no, I don't profit from this, making it user-friendly!

Leadership & Coaching


For coaches and leaders, or anyone who works with people.

Immensely readable, the story begins at Bill Campbell's funeral with the eulogy delivered by his golf caddie, Bruno Fortozo.  This is notable, considering Bill's coaching client list included  Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Sheryl Sandberg among other industry titans.

Great for new managers.


A practical and applicable guide to understand how to select employees for talent, and the 12 simple statements that distinguish the strongest departments.  Great resource to use as a teambuilder, lunch & learn, webinar, or workshop to develop you managers and leaders!

For leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to inspire excellence in their team.

"Energy, not time, is our most precious resource."  Practical guide to your four sources of energy, balancing energy consumption and renewal, building energy capacity, and sustaining high performance.

For leaders and anyone who wants to be inspired.

A story both timely and timeless, My American Journey is a classic and inspirational primer on leadership, including Powell's famous Rules.

If talking to strangers does not come naturally to you, this is your book.

A random flight to Milwaukee lands Mark Scharenbroich in the middle of Harley Davidson country at the start of their 100th anniversary celebration.  "Nice bike" is how conversations start in the biker world, and Mark translates this into a framework to let others feel seen, heard, and appreciated.  Chock full of fun stories and anecdotes to show how the concept helps you make connections with anyone!


Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does

Are you puzzled when others do not behave or react the way you do?  Do you struggle to relate to people who are different from you?  Here's your secret decoder book!  

Chameleon is an entertaining story of Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls to help you understand your own style easily identify the style of others.  Applying this knowledge you will reduce conflict, improve communication, and reduce stress.

Business & Entrepreneurship


If you are struggling to get your business going or drive growth, Traction provides some simple, easy to implement frameworks to enable change.

Although designed for small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs, Gino Wickman's Entrepreneurial Operating System - EOS -  can be adapted for almost any workplace or organization.  Gino generously offers free downloads of the tools for self-implementation, and there are also Certified Implementers if your business is in crisis and needs a fast jump start.


Olympic-Winning Strategies for Everyday Success

Excellent primer on teambuilding!  Each chapter addresses one component of success, first by example of the Men's Eight rowing team, and then provides a step-by-step guide for application.  Goals, Motivation, Beliefs, Bullshit Filters, Make It Happen, Teams, Process Driven, Momentum, Change, Bouncebackability, and Risks - they are all here!  

Great for Leadership Teams to read together... to make YOUR boat go faster!

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right!

Carol Dweck is the mindset guru, and in this book she shares her research behind growth vs. fixed mindsets and the psychology of success.  The book is chock full of tools to help shift yourself and others towards a growth mindset.  The special sections at the end for parents, teachers, and coaches are worth the purchase price alone!


How Non-Conformists Move the World

More than any other book Originals helped me understand myself.  If you don't follow the crowd, and can find multiple solutions to any problem - and take risks to try them - this book will resonate deeply.  And if you think you are not creative, or are too cautious to try new ideas or activities, Originals will help you find your own creative path and help you coach and develop others to be more creative.


How Empowering Women Changes the World

Using real-world stories tied to scientific and economic studies, Melinda Gates demonstrates the power when people - and women in particular - reach their moment of lift.  Engaging, compelling, and insightful.  Essential read if you are a people leader, woman, know a woman, have mothers, sisters, daughters, or simply want to drive the global economy while improving quality of life for everyone.  Really.


Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

A straightforward explanation of the cue-routine-reward cycle that forms habits, illustrated with a wide variety of entertaining anecdotes. Practical guide to help you change any type of habit in any area of your life.


Why Helping Others Drives Our Success


Are you a Giver or a Taker?  And is one or the other better or worse?  Adam Grant answers these questions and many more.  He takes us through the frameworks of building networks, giving and taking credit, and influencing others to demonstrate his model.  Also included are methods to shift your thinking and actions to move towards your goal and drive success.


What We Should Know About People We Don't Know


How do we approach and make sense of strangers?  Why can't we tell when a stranger is lying to us?  When does extra information lead to a wrong decision?  And what leads us to apply intent to a stranger's words or actions?  These are complex questions without simple answers, and Gladwell explains why we need to care.


The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing


How often should we take breaks, and for how long, to optimize productivity?  Is a football team more likely to win the game if they are ahead or behind going into halftime, and how does the score influence the outcome?  Fascinating look at how timing impacts outcomes for virtually everything we do.

Health & Wellness


Did you know Humans are the only species that suffer psychological stress, a.k.a. worry?

If you have a hard time shutting down and relaxing, or brag about how little sleep you need, this book is for you!  While acute stress - running from a saber-toothed tiger - will save your life, chronic stress - worrying about all the "tigers" around the corner - will cause disease and shorten it.  An often humorous look at stress and how to manage and mitigate it for a healthier and happier life.  


The Biology of Belief flips on it's head the notion that we are our genes!

A fascinating and often irreverent look at the growing field of epigenetics and the mind/body/spirit connection.  Dr. Lipton explains in clear language how environmental factors like stress, nutrition, and emotion can alter our genes and influence disease and longevity.  A real page turner for geeks like me!


Author Cate Shanahan is a physician and biochemist with real-world experience using nutrition to heal herself.  

You can read cover-to-cover for a thorough grounding in what Dr. Shanahan calls "The Human Diet" or flip to individual sections to understand the drivers behind conditions you or a relative may be suffering with.  Please be sure to confer with your medical providers before implementing any significant changes to your diet or exercise routines.

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