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Client Success Stories


She was able to diagnose, like a doctor,

I first hired Melissa for Six Sigma process work for our quite complicated and time consuming payrolls. I have since hired Melissa for coaching and training of our organization's staff not just my staff. She is an expert in her field. She is smart and very knowledgeable. She is dynamic and impressive where you just want to get on board with whatever she is presenting. Melissa has saved us time and money and most importantly, improved morale! Thank you Melissa, you are sheer pleasure to work with!

Christine Schaefer, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Melissa was very effective with implementing process improvements at Kingsbury, Inc. She clearly explained the details of each step in the Kaizen events which was especially helpful for folks who were unfamiliar with this philosophy. Melissa motivated the teams through positive reinforcement and her cheerful personality. She was very effective in helping the teams complete their action items. I cannot thank her enough for all that she has taught me personally. I highly recommend Melissa to any company who needs assistance with improving their processes and developing a culture for continuous improvement. 

- David Casper, Quality Control Manager, Kingsbury, Inc.

As a young business owner, I was passionate, motivated, creative, and personable.  However, those same qualities and gifts that helped me create a strong business would also sometimes backfire.  Melissa helped me leverage my strengths by teaching me a systematic approach that has paid huge dividends to my business.  In the early stage of my career I struggled to share my beliefs and values for the company with my employees effectively, and to hold them to the standards I expect.  With Melissa’s expert leadership systems she gave me many valuable channels for elite communication and comprehension of the company’s goals and expectations – tools I still use today.  A business is strongest when it’s people work together as a team, and Melissa is the ultimate coach.

 - Steven Schaaf, Co-Owner, Tenacity Fitness

Change is hard! Change requires a sound process to define the changes needed and to prioritize them. Change requires tools such as Six Sigma, Lean, etc. But most of all, effective change (that lasts) requires leaders to identify and address change issues at the organizational level and at the individual level. Melissa’s approach at Executive Lift addresses all three aspects of change. With real world experience in managing large organizations at the corporate level, she addresses change both at the Executive Leadership level as well as at the individual level utilizing appropriate tools, sound improvement processes and hands-on engagement with the individuals and teams that not only are charged with defining and implementing the change, but in integrating the change into the way work is done.

- Al Leigh: President, 3V Consulting, Inc.


I am so grateful for the inspiring relationship that I had with Melissa during a crucial time in my career.   Momentous changes were happening at my company, and through Melissa’s coaching I was able to successfully navigate them, while also managing some challenging times personally.  She afforded me many opportunities to develop my own coaching skills, as well as real world techniques to build a stronger and more effective team.  She truly valued personal development, along with business skills, as key to a successful career. Thanks Melissa for all we accomplished together!”


-  Manager, international services company

Voice of the Customer – I always judge future results by past customer comments.  Here are some direct quotes about Melissa’s strengths and effectiveness from her customers.

  • “Melissa inspires trust which breaks down barriers between individuals and companies.”

  • “The Engineering team prides itself on being transparent and maintaining the highest levels of integrity.  Melissa clearly subscribes to these values.”

  • “Superior ability to lead and communicate upwards, sideways, and downwards.”


Melissa’s past performance and accomplishments tell me that her future results as a leadership coach will be very successful indeed.  Best of luck Melissa!!

- Dana Duncan, Pharmacy Technology Product Director

Several seasons ago, my place of employment engaged Melissa for a day-long meeting to enhance staff communication and relationships. Melissa used several instruments that aided self-disclosure which were completed before the meeting.  She set us at ease as she used our individual responses to describe our individual styles.  I gained a better understanding of my colleagues, and (selfishly) they walked away with a better understanding of me.

Melissa described me as the most misunderstood member of the staff, which, in fact, I felt I was.  She noticed in me multiple positive attributes that, because  of my introverted nature, were not obvious to others.  I felt respected in a way that was new; Melissa had insights about me that no one before her identified.

When I later experienced some individual job-related problems I asked Melissa to assist me.  She did so readily and helped me in many ways.  Melissa identified the symptoms of burnout and taught me effective ways to mitigate some of my apprehensions.  Her insights have made my work more relaxed and my attitude more positive.

- Joel Krott, Music Director, First Presbyterian Church, Moorestown, NJ

I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone seeking to expand their perspective on their own business. Her insights were invaluable to me. She was able to diagnose, like a doctor, my potential as a manager and also issues within the business that deserved more attention. We did some painless formal testing, which was insightful, accurate and useful. Additionally, she was also able to point me in the direction to an abundance of resources which were very useful in aiding our growth. Her depth of experience and knowledge were by far the greatest resource however. She has a great sense for how businesses operate, and more importantly, should operate. I hope to seek her advice as a mentor and work together into the future, tx again!

- Louis Sparre, President/Owner, Tweed Video


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