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Operational Excellence is a Mindset.

Operational Excellence Consulting

At Executive Lift we have 25+ years’ experience with the practical application of Lean, Cellular, and Six Sigma practices in manufacturing, service, and pharmaceutical environments.  Every company has unique opportunities and challenges, and selecting the right tools at the outset can dramatically impact the time it takes to reach goals and add value to the business. 

Executive Lift performs both Operational and Organizational assessments to inform our recommendations.  We partner with business leadership and key stakeholders to develop actionable plans.  Executive Lift can lead your OpEx activities, or partner with your team initially to train and coach them to build a sustainable, ongoing, continuous improvement culture.


Business Metrics

How do you define and measure success?  Identifying the underlying drivers of your business is critical to measuring the impact of changes and track performance.  You likely have volumes of data available.  Executive Lift will help you determine the key performance indicators you should be tracking.  You will then be able to identify and capitalize on positive trends, and react quickly to potential problems before they turn into major business issues.


Lean & Six Sigma

Lean practices center around identifying and reducing waste in a process – any process.  We have extensive experience in leading Value Stream Mapping events to uncover opportunities and develop action plans that reduce waste and improve quality, productivity and efficiency.  Tools including 5S, SMED, Single Piece Flow, KANBAN, and pull processes reduce time and work-in-process (WIP) inventory to lower operating costs.

Kaizen Events are short burst activities where key process stakeholders focus on one area of opportunity to conceptualize, develop, and implement the change in 1-2 days for immediate impact. 

The focus of Six Sigma is to reduce variability and drive quality in your processes.  The DMAIC framework – Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, Control – is central to Six Sigma, and ensures a data-driven, disciplined approach to process improvement. 

All of these activities include a high level of employee involvement – and when employees are part of the change, leadership gets buy-in to help sustain the change for ongoing success.

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