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Coaching client Chuck Miller, Owner of Millennial Financial Planning

The Cadence of Communication

Leadership Presence

How you show up matters.  Working with Executive Lift you will build the skills and behaviors to develop strong relationships with your team, colleagues, and everyone you encounter.  Your behavior sets the tone, and you will learn what it takes to develop a culture of trust and transparency in which people will thrive.

One component of presence is your Personal Brand.  What are you known for?  Together we will uncover your natural strengths and talents, and you will learn how to leverage them to drive your personal performance, and the performance of those around you. 

Performance Management

Learn to enjoy performance management – really!  When you set clear expectations and work with individuals to develop a plan to achieve them, your team is more likely to accomplish and exceed goals.  You will learn how to deliver both positive and negative feedback in a way that drives behavior.  You will also learn how to get genuine feedback for yourself.

We Coach the Whole Person

Your personal health & well-being has a direct impact on your ability to achieve excellence.  As a Certified  Personal Trainer Melissa provides an expanded level of service beyond the typical business coach.

Leadership Coaching

Elevating your leadership skills is critical at every level - as an individual contributor, mid-level manager, and senior executive.  Investing in your development in the key areas of communication, leadership presence, and coaching and developing others drives measurable business results including financial performance and productivity. 

Equally important are the intangible benefits of high employee engagement and morale that are inspired by outstanding leaders.  We partner with you to define goals unique to your situation – professional and personal – and together develop a roadmap to optimize your leadership capability.


Get your vision off of paper and onto the shop floor.  Most articles on leadership identify communication as a critical skill, but few provide a clear framework to follow.  Executive Lift has developed a coordinated suite of communication tools.  When employed together, these create a clear vision that allows your team to know at all times how they are contributing to the overall success of the business.  Together we will develop a customized plan designed to suit your personal style and company culture.

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