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Every graph tells a story.

Each of us has a preferred style of behavior and communication. Real power comes with the ability to identify the styles of others, and flex your behavior to communicate and collaborate in the most effective way. 

DISC is a powerful tool for building High Performing Teams, and the Take Flight model with the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl is widely recognized as being memorable – and fun too! 

Teambuilding workshops are available both on-site and virtually.  Individual and Team Assessments are also available, and training is customized to meet your specific goals.  

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The DISC Personality Profile

No more stuffy reports filled with jargon and stock images! The Taking Flight with DISC Profile is designed to provide visual cues to help you remember your style.

The profile offers behavioral insights to help increase self-awareness and improve how individuals relate to others. Each unique, custom report also contains valuable information about how to flex to the needs of others.

Executive Lift clients use the assessment as part of their hiring and onboarding, for individual coaching, and for teambuilding.

Taking Flight with EQ

Emotional Intelligence, often referred to as EI or EQ, refers to our ability to perceive, recognize, evaluate, understand, and control our emotions.

Unlike personality, EQ can be boosted through increased awareness and practice.  And in study after study, researchers have found that EQ is a powerful predictor and driver of success.

Participants in the EQ Workshop will be able to:

  • Define Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Discover the four Components and 18 Talents of EQ

  • Understand EQ through the lens of the four styles

  • Understand how emotions and style impact effectiveness

  • Practice these skills and set goals to drive impact

Taking-Flight-with-EQ-Certified-Seal.png EQ ICF certified coach leadership teambuilding
ReDISCovering-Conflict-TFL-Seal-Certified.png DISC Take Flight Learning ICF certified coaching leadership teambuilding conflict resolution

ReDISCovering Conflict

Not all conflict is bad!


Through a series of interactive exercises and discussions,  ReDISCovering Conflict participants gain a deeper understanding of their own approach to managing conflict. They develop awareness into how their own style may be creating expectations for them about how conflict should be addressed.


The Chameleon Conflict Model helps people understand the type of conflict they should be engaging in. You also learn key questions to ask to help resolve each form of conflict from both a personal and organizational perspective.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify when style is an underlying cause of conflict

  • Recognize why each style embraces or avoids conflict

  • Employ strategies to manage conflict tactics used by each style

  • Shift from placing blame to fixing the problem

  • Flex their style to bridge to others during conflict


Chameleon Leadership

Chameleon Leadership teaches current and future leaders how to flex and adapt to the needs of their direct reports. In this workshop, leaders take their existing skills to the next level by linking the four personality styles to a range of core leadership skills.

The most successful leaders are the most adaptable leaders! Chameleon Leadership teaches the skills needed to flex their style according to the needs of each person.

Chameleon Leadership is designed to create Leaders who:

  • Display Eagle candor, Parrot passion, Dove empathy, and communicate with Owl clarity

  • Take direct reports of all personality styles to the next level

  • Make emotionally intelligent decisions and adapt to what is needed on the moment

  • Create an environment in which everyone can thrive

  • Leverage their team by building on each person's strengths

  • Drive Eagle results, Parrot morale, Dove loyalty, and Owl quality

chameleon-leadership-TFL-Seal-Certified.png DISC Take Flight Learning ICF certified coach leadership teambuilding
Coaching in Style Certified Badge.png
Coaching in Style Certified Badge.png ICF Coaching Leadership Take Flight Learning

DISC Coaching Certification

Executive Lift Founder & Principal Melissa Hess is certified through Take Flight Leaning for Coaching in Style, recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF.)

All Executive Lift clients benefit from Melissa's depth of experience in the DISC models above. Here's how:


Leadership Coaching Clients

  • All coaching engagements include the DISC Personality profile

  • Additional profiles are employed based on our client's goals, whether for an individual or a team

  • Team assessments demonstrate both team strengths and blind spots to inform hiring and succession planning 

  • The skills clients gain from our coaching translate directly to all aspects of their lives - we coach the whole person 


Operational Excellence Consulting Clients

  • Melissa employs her knowledge of styles and EQ to establish relationships quickly

  • These skills enhance Melissa's ability to uncover the drivers of inefficiency and process instability, and identify root causes quickly

  • Melissa is equally at home on the shop floor and in the boardroom, and is skilled at translating business imperatives to actionable plans

  • Melissa's core strength in communication allows her to gain the buy-in needed for sustainable change


  Excellence at the Intersection of People and Process

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