"Performance, health and happiness are grounded in the skillful management of energy."

- The Power of Full Engagement, by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

Executive Lift provides a fully integrated approach to improving performance, and each engagement is customized to your professional and personal goals. 

Clients who work with Executive Lift have access to a unique combination of resources compiled from our 25+ years of applied experience in two critical areas: leading and developing people, and improving business processes.  Unique to Executive Lift is our additional expertise in health and wellness.


We believe in coaching the whole person, and that success and achievement in one area of your life will elevate your performance in all areas.

Meet Melissa

Performance Coach * Process Expert * Wellness Enthusiast

Melissa is both a teacher and a student continually adding to her knowledge and experience.  Grounded in a belief that people want to achieve their best, Melissa listens intently, asks questions to uncover a deeper understanding of each client, and then provides tools, techniques, and encouragement to drive achievement and growth.

Melissa has always been fascinated by solving puzzles - and the most intricate puzzles are people!  Whether her "official" role working with you is for leadership coaching, teambuilding, operations consulting, or wellness programming, Melissa brings her full toolkit to each engagement.  Her ambition is to guide you to identify and optimize your strengths and energy to elevate your performance in all areas of life.

What We Specialize In

Leadership Coaching


Learn to elevate your communication and presence to inspire high performing teams.

Health & Wellness


Gain control of your time and energy to meet your personal health & wellness goals.

Operational Excellence


Every process can be optimized to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and drive quality.  

A business is strongest when its people work together as a team, and Melissa is the ultimate coach.

 - Steven Schaaf, Co-Owner, Tenacity Fitness

Melissa identified the symptoms of burnout and taught me effective ways to mitigate some of my apprehensions.  Her insights have made my work more relaxed and my attitude more positive.

- Joel Krott, Music Director, First Presbyterian Church

Melissa has a great sense for how businesses operate, and more importantly, should operate.

 - Louis Sparre,  President/Owner Tweed Video Productions

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Executive Lift LLC is Certified by the State of New Jersey as a WBE.

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