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Why Do We Undervalue Competent Management?

"Firms with strong managerial processes do significantly better on high-level metrics such as profitability, growth, and productivity. What’s more, the differences in process quality persist over time, suggesting that competent management is not easy to imitate."


Mental Resilience

Grit: the power of passion and perseverance - TED Talk by Angela Duckworth

Thought-provoking 6 minute video on the ultimate determiner of success, grit.  If you don't have time to read the book this will get you started!  Growth mindset is also part of grit - check out My Bookshelf for more on mindset.

The Power of Resilience:  How Reframing Stress Can Fuel Performance

Resilience is gaining awareness in both business and our culture.  But what is it?  This short paper describes the impact and types of stress and provides ideas on how we can channel stress for growth.  Based on the research from the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.  Melissa has completed their signature Corporate Athlete Resilience Workshop and integrates these learnings in all aspects of Executive Lift coaching and consulting.

Health and Wellness

Navy Seals Box Breathing Technique

Great YouTube video from Mark Divine with simple, easy to follow guidance on box breathing.  This technique is helpful to alleviate anxiety and stress, and also in times of conflict to help you keep your cool.

3 Mobility Drills Everyone Should be Doing

A quick 3 minute YouTube video from mobility pro Max Shank.  I do some version of these daily, great to help "grease the wheels" at the start of the day.  If you have any medical conditions please consult your doctor prior to engaging in any physical exercise.

Seated Exercises for Health and Strength

Max Shank is back with a YouTube video chock full of mobility exercises you can do seated.  These are great when you have been sitting for a long time and need to loosen up.  Side benefit - you will also get an energy boost!

Alex Gorsky on the importance of exercise

As Chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson Alex Gorsky has a very busy calendar.  And like many of the most successful leaders he starts his day with exercise.  Why?  "My health is certainly a priority, but what gets me out of bed each morning is that post-workout feeling that anything is possible."

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