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The 2nd Annual Executive Lift Book Awards

2020 was a different year to say the least, and my reading list was a bit different too. I received First as a Christmas gift from my parents. The inscription you see below is a reference to the fact that I was the first girl born to the family in 5 generations - everyone sure was surprised!

Here are my top 3 picks from my 2020 bookshelf:

#3: First: - An intimate portrait of the first woman Supreme Court Justice

Did you know Sandra Day O'Connor was a skilled cowgirl? Neither did I. Many other surprising details are revealed throughout her groundbreaking and remarkable path to the highest court in the United States.

This is by no means a book just for women - or Republicans. SOC's approach to family, work, and life will resonate with readers across the spectrum.

#2: Peak - Secrets from the new science of expertise

If you have been in a position for 10 years does that mean you have 10 years' experience? Or do you have one year of experience you have repeated 10 times?

Anders Ericsson is the recognized expert on the topic of "deliberate practice." Peak is a highly readable primer about how to apply deliberate practice to improve performance at work, in any area of interest, and perhaps most significantly in the classroom.

And the top spot goes to....

#1: The Biology of Belief - Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles

Genes are not destiny! What exactly does this mean?

The many factors over which we have control - nutrition, stress, and emotions - can change the environment in which our cells live. And with these changes we can modify the influence our genes have over every aspect of life.

Bruce Lipton applied his lens as a cell biologist to explain the theories of epigenetics with examples that simplify the concepts and make them understandable. You do not need to be a scientist to appreciate just how much influence we actually have over our bodies and minds.

This book quite literally kept me up at night! I had a hard time putting it down, frequently so engrossed I read well past my normal lights out.

Honorable mention goes to My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor. Her path to the Supreme Court was even less direct than SOC's with even more obstacles to be overcome.

I hope you enjoy these books and that they help you elevate your performance in all areas of life!

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